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I’m Dj Josh Watts, formerly known as DJ OSH, Date of Birth, 23/01/1981 that makes me 33. I’m from South London (surrey really but south London sounds better!!)
I have always been into music ever since I was very ickle!, As I was growing up I started listening to pirate radio stations such as Dream fm & Girls fm, these stations got me hooked on House, Garage, Jungle, Hardcore & Drum n Bass. I use to sit by the stereo at weekends around my mates houses and slowly scroll though the fm frequency until I found a station that we could listen to.
I got my first turntables when I was 13, great big black things with a massive round pitch control on them, they weren’t very good but they had needles and they worked (what more could a 13 year old ask for, thanks dad x )
Every weekend I would go out record shopping once I had my pocket money & normally return home a few hours later with 1 or 2 new tunes, then off up to my room to try and mix them!!.
A year or so later I entered a dj competition at a local youth centre and won, I was really shocked as there was some really wicked dj`s there, the prize was a one hour set in a Brighton night club not bad for a 15 year old. Needless to say that set never happened, bastards!!!!
Now days I use cd`s as there so much cheaper & lighter to carry about, although I am a vinyl junkie at heart.
Over the Last couple of years ive been privileged enough to play at many different venues such as KoKo (funkinyou), HUB, Svelte, Loop Lounge, Joe Bananas, Zenons, The Rectory, 64th and Social, The Yacht Club. Clapham Grand, Liquid envy, The Blag Club & Ministry of Sound 3 or 4 times (soul`d skool & DEFECTED IN THE HOUSE) Area (Promised Land) & MAIN ROOM EGG CLUB, Pacha MAIN ROOM Global Room to name but a few.
I’m currently playing on each and every Monday morning from 7am till 9.00am GMT.. Ive been with the station for around over 8 years now and loving it. Passionlive has been streaming for around 15 years and is one of London’s best stations if not the biggest, it also has some of the best underground dj`s on it!.
I have recently started in the promotional field with a night called House Esque, along side a fellow dj (Ed Smoove), where were hoping to bring the night to many different venues across London and maybe even some sunshine islands in the near future. (Fingers crossed. I need a tan)
In 2009 & myself a very good friend Dj George Smeddles Started a new event called GET LICKED which is Smashing lots of diffrent venues across London & the UK.
Since then we have moved onwards & upwards with another BRAND known as Source. Source Music has a monthly residency at Egg London, One of londons finest underground venues,
2014 is set to be an amazing year for the brand with sets for our DJ’s in Ibiza, Maga & all over the UK!!
The Brand has is recruiting Djs from all over the Uk and putting our stamp on the uk club scene, The Source team is wokring so hard to bring the Source brand to many different venues all over the world & is set to kick start the Source Music Record Label in 2015!!
To find out about up and coming events, please tune into my shows
You could also email for any info.