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George Smeddles is London’s youngest & fastest growing Dj/Producer.
He is Quickly becoming an established member of the underground scene, as a Dj/Producer & promoter, this 23 year old couldn’t be more involved in the music he loves if he tried.

Countless hours over the hottest Dance floors in London & Ibiza To hosting raves All over London means George is not just your average Dj…
“I play my sets as if Im on the dance floor right in front of me & never know what I’m going to play until I get inside the venue… its all part of the excitement and that’s what makes my sets the way they are ” Says George.

Being a true party boy, George knows how to work a dance floor & how to give the place exactly what it needs to get the party rocking !
When asked what genre it is that he plays… “Just house music” is the answer you will find your get.
His raw talent and up-beat presence he has in a Dj booth will not be one to go missed in a venue!