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To speak about DJOliver is to speak about fun, professionalism, passion for his music and a full record bag wherever he goes. He’s one of the few truly global Spanish Dj’s who’s  name is known all over the planet. His travels across 5 continents have brought him, year after year, to some of the best clubs in the world. No wonder Dj Oliver is now globally known as one of the planet’s foremost Djs on the house and electronic music scene, somehow finding time to also write, produce and publish a whole raft of globally popular dance music hits.

Born in Barcelona, Dj Oliver was seduced by the world of music from an early age, composing demos as a kid to listen to later on with his neighbourhood friends. He didn’t start experimenting with mixing until he was around 14 years old, when he finally bought some decks and started exploring the world of sound and mixing from his adolescent bedroom. His first residency was every Sunday at legendary Barcelona club, Moog, soon to be followed by his fantastically successful Ibiza residencies alongside his great friend Reche, in those days a resident DJ at Space, Ibiza.

Whilst growing up in Barcelona, he also took classes in music production, interested as he was in all aspects of music, although studying, in the end, was not for him…

Before becoming a Dj, Oliver was a producer. Since he was very young, his fascination with creating music with computers evolved constantly until he released his first recording for the prestitgious Spanish label Blanco y Negro (Vendetta) called “The House of Funk – The Funk Promise”. Nobody could have imagined the global magnitude this first recording was to achieve, selling hugely all over the world.

At just 17 years old, he set off to Ibiza to seek his fortune. His first superclub residency at legendary Ku Club (now Privilege) lasted 8 years, during which time Oliver cut his DJ teeth listening to and learning from legendary Djs such as Roger Sanchez, Dj Sneak, Armin van Helden and Todd Terry, to name just a few. Hence, under such luminaries, Dj Oliver, at a very young age, landed smack in the middle of the newly emerging House Music scene.

Very soon, rival Ibiza superclub Amnesia noticed Oliver. His subsequent 9 year residency there along with his infamous Dj sessions at La Troya have gone down in electronic music history. He was one of the original creators of the mighty Amnesia Terrace and is now an authentic icon for many Dj’s all over the world who admire his singular style and his part in developing the rhythmic essence of what was to become known as the Balearic Beat.

Oliver’s work in the studio has been a crucial part of his success. In 2004, locked away in the studio with his good friend Roger Sanchez, they created massive global dancefloor hit ‘Mysteriosa’ which was released by Sanchez’s prestigious label ‘Stealth.’ The formation of Oliver and Roger together became known as ́Transatlantins.’ In 2009, they returned with their next massive hit, ‘I Can’t Live Without Music’ featuring India Viera on vocals under the newly formed Transatlantins. Oliver’s productions have graced countless dancefloors and radio stations all over the world and prestigious labels such as Azuli, Stealth, Defected, Deep Touch, Soltrenz and Vendetta have all strongly promoted his unique sound.

Oliver’s path has also crossed with the world of film, with acclaimed, Oscar winning Italian director Gabriele Salvatore featuring Oliver’s recordings in his 2005 film, ‘Amnesia.’ Furthermore, many of his chill-out recordings such as ‘Sa Talaia’ have been used to accompany documentaries by National Geographic.